Que Nuevas

Episode #1 Esther Duran Lumm with Uncage and Reunite Families Coalition

May 07, 2021 Az Hispanic Community Forum Episode 1
Que Nuevas
Episode #1 Esther Duran Lumm with Uncage and Reunite Families Coalition
Show Notes

Welcome to ¡Que Nuevas!, the podcast of the Arizona Hispanic Community Forum. Today’s guest is Esther Durán Lumm with Uncage and Reunite Families Coalition. 

To make a donation or volunteer, please visit https://refugeeaid.org/ or email Mary Jo Miller at refugeeaid@icloud.com 

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To buy "Separated: Inside an American Tragedy" by Jacob Soboloff's book  : https://amzn.to/33rGWSt

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Uncage and Reunite Families is an Arizona-based, grassroots organization comprised of community activists, religious leaders and others advocating for justice and working for the release and reunification of children and families separated at the U.S. border and detained in different locations.

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The Arizona Hispanic Community Forum’s objective is to improve the status and opportunities for Latinos and to work towards active participation with policy-making bodies, nationally, statewide and locally. The AHCF also strives to empower the Latino community through voter registration, voter education and voter participation in the electoral process.  The AHCF advocates for civil and human rights, justice and equality for all.

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Produced by Maritza López